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About Me + Mr.B


Artist+Designer. As I see it, an artist creates what inspires her, and a designer is hired to create assets that meets her client's needs (and delivers ROI). I do a little bit of both.

What's my story? I am a marketer by education and an artist at heart. My dad begged me to study design in college, but I chose to be conservative, studying business instead. Totally backwards, right? Well, Dad was on to something; I found every opportunity to weave design into my work and, ultimately, it took my business degrees to teach me how to use design to create value.

As a marketer, I worked for a large financial institution and a national not-for-profit in youth sports. I was also lucky enough to be a creative professionally, serving as an art director for a lifestyles magazine and creative director for an interior design magazine and a bridal magazine. Then, over the years, I also freelanced for all kinds of folks across several industries including healthcare, insurance, food, wellness, etc. All were great jobs with fun coworkers, interesting stories and cool experiences. You can check out more detail on my Ideation Design page or on LinkedIn.

Then one day, fate intervened in the form of chocolate ... glorious chocolate ... and my family moved to Tennessee where my husband took a role at a confectionery company.

Over the years, I talked a lot about going out on my own, but this physical move forced my hand. So, finally, I decided to take a chance on myself. I am blessed to be able to do that and my art pieces ... and maybe some other cool stuff, too ... come from this newly re-discovered place in my heart. I still freelance for businesses who need some creative help through Ideation Design, but my original art pieces are about me doing what I love and creating pieces that I hope you love, too!

XOXO, Jinni


Meet Miles (AKA Mr. B). This guy is my right-hand man. He is special and no doubt one-of-a-kind. Miles is the full package with smarts, humor and plenty of love (maybe even more dog than cat...wait, what?!?!).


No matter where I am, Miles is there. He is my mat-talker when I exercise, my critic when I draw, and my design assistant on every project pressing buttons on the keyboard or randomly passing through photos. He is my ride or die. Plus, he is a total ham sandwich for the camera. Check out his Instagram account, @MilesJackCat.


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